Our History

In February of 2017, Necro Productions began to produce live events in Hobbs. Having produced more than 150 live events in his time Ruben knew something was missing. Since then, NP has produced over 200 shows throughout TX, NM and CO. Ultimately, we aim to produce shows of all genres.

In 2019, Ruben moved to Durango, Colorado. Despite COVID, NP is ready to produce live again. We also focus on media-driven services and tour routing and Necro Magazine.

Our Goals

Book consistently in the Four Corners

  • We want to work with your venue, your band, and your business. Live events are more about the bright lights and smooth sounds; it’s about community.
  • Live events will increase foot traffic to your business and awareness of your brand.
  • Despite COVID we can live stream and record each event and use it to our advantage!

Expand Necro Mag into a Printing Press

  • Necro Magazine has published over 200 writers in it’s first year.
  • We have the capability of mass printing literature as well as publishing, designing and marketing a book, chapbook or series from beginning to end.

Begin Necro Radio Network

  • Necro Radio Network will consist of three separate online radio stations and each with specific programming and partnerships within the creative and commercial community to cross-promote other projects.
  • Each station will encompass a vastly different demographic, that is currently under-served in the 4 Corners area.
  • With a multitude of DJs, Podcasters, as well as on-air and online performing guests each day of programming, will be different and exciting
  • Because the stations are not live (but have the capability of being live) execution of programs can be pre-recorded and live radio remotes are possible as a stream of revenue and promotion

Host bands’ EPK, Merch, Social Media as a hub

  • With the versatility of a 3D printer, the tech-know how, and event management experience I want to create an Amazon for bands.
  • Bands need merch for a tour and a website for online orders and social media. I can offer all of the above and even loan the artists 50% of their merch without them paying a dime!
  • By 3D printing specialized merchandise without needing to keep an inventory. We cover the shipping, administration, and pay the artist 90% of their sales.


Necro Productions always treats Spitlife like family!

Jason Parks (Spite life – TX)