Culture Issue #4

Necro Magazine's fourth and final issue of 2020 can be viewed below. Initially the issue was intended to encompass Tradition as a theme. However after much thought I realized not all cultures were traditional yet all traditions are cultural in someway. The audiobook will soon be online as well. Stay tuned. Submissions for Feminism, Issue [...]

Sending a reading for Necro Magazine’s audiobook

Upon acceptance to Necro Magazine, the author is encouraged to record a reading of the written work to be featured in the audiobook. Below is a example of the format we prefer. "Conversation" by Linda Imbler from Justice (Issue #3) Participation in the audiobook is not mandatory, though highly encourage in order to increase reach [...]

Justice Issue #3

Necro Magazine's 3rd issue, Justice is now online to read and download for free! Despite a slight delay cause by celebrating the Full Moon, we are excited to bring forth Justice, Necro Magazine's third issue. This specific issue's is Justice, with genres of literature ranging from short stories, poetry flash fiction, micro-fiction and photography. We [...]

Opportunities at Necro Magazine

Currently, we are looking to expand our team, scope, services, and influence! Fill out the survey on our website below if you want to become more involved with Necro. Opportunities at Necro Magazine include Interviews, Guest Editing, Proof Reading, Becoming an Editor, Chapbook Publishing, and Guest Reading Events (via Zoom/Skype) Separate social medias by commas. [...]

Youth (Issue #2)

“Youth” (Issue #2) was published on July 17th and features over 90 pages of poetry, photography, short stories, micro-poetry, and prose. Contributors include Joan McNerney, Claire Loader, Frederick Pangbourne, ST Brant, Jessica Drake-Thomas, Matthew Daley, Niles Reddick, Sarra Culleno, ST Brant, Shannon Elizabeth Gardner, Steve Carr, Wayne Russel, Jack Campbell, Saharsh Satheesh, Richard LaDue, Charles [...]