Guidelines are subject to change.

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Please read the guidelines, in full, before doing either.

    We accept –

    • Work pertaining to a theme. The current submission’s theme is Feminism.
    • Previously published work (indicate where and when the work was first published).
    • Simultaneous submissions.
    • Up to 10 pieces per medium per artist.
    • One email per medium (Poetry, Novels, Photography, ect.) per issue.
    • Multiple submissions for multi-talented artists.


    • Artists keep all rights to their work.
    • We do not charge a submission fee, subscription fee or pay contributors.
    • Emails subjects must be formatted “Your Name: Medium” (EX:  John Smith: Poetry)
    • Submissions (poems, photographs, ect.) must be titled
    • Include a bio of 30 words or less and your social media handles/website.

    Upon acceptance we will ask for a recording of a reading for our audio-book.
    Refer to the audio-books of previous Issues. Participation is not mandatory. Alternatively, you may have someone else read your work for inclusion.


    Translations are welcome so long as the original piece is included and credited.
    Submission must be sent in a singular .RTF, .DOC,  .DOCX , .ODF or .PDF file.
    Send an additional email per additional medium.
    Pieces must be each on their own page and with bolded titles at the top of each page.

    • Short Stories – less than 5000 words.
    • Micro Fiction – 6 Word Stories, Haikus, Tanka and varieties are welcome.
    • Flash Fiction – less than 1000 words.
    • Poetry – less than 35 lines are preferred.
    • Essays – less than 5000 words.


    • Photography must be 300 DPI and in .JPEG format.
    • Watermarked photos are welcome.
    • New Media must be sent via E-mail, Dropbox or linked from the source.
    • Physical media (paintings, drawings) must be scanned.
    • Media must not be larger than  2550 x 3300 pixels.
    • Files names of photography and new media will be used as their titles.

    Make sure you have read the guidelines for your medium before submitting!

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