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Death (Issue #1)

“Death” (Issue #1) was published on April 2nd and features over 90 pages of poetry, photography, short stories, micro-poetry and prose. Contributors include: M. J. Arcangelini, Alan Bern, John Bowie, Dan Brotzel, Jinn Bug, Jack Campbell, Giuseppe Chirienti, Robert Cooperman, Frogg Corpse, Chella Coutington, Warrick El-Mahassni, Laura Felleman, Kristin Garth, Carol Gavin, John Grey, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Linda Imbler, Ben Johnson, Kate LaDew, Richard LeDue, Brandon Lee-Gomez, Lennart Lundh, P D Lyons, Sampson Ma, Jim Madigan, Adam Martinez, Randy Mazie, Bruce McRae, Karen Nadine, Stapleton K. Nash, Kurt Newton, Nicole Puppa, Charles Rammelkamp, Nicole Rollender, Juan Romero, Elizabeth Rowlands, Sanjeev Sethi, Boris Simonovski, John Smith, Bill Stifler, Adam Stokell, YC Takahashi, Billy Thomas, Wren Tuatha, Mark Tulin, Sanya Walma, Lynn White and Tracy Whiteside

Youth (Issue #2)

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