ZombieFest 2019

The ZombieFest is Durango’s yearly Halloween music festival geared towards a hard rock and metal audience. In 2019 the 10th annual ZombieFest was celebrated.

Performances included Dead Saturday, Park Ave, Polarity Lane, Crimson Kiss, Of Broken Dreams, Six Minute Suicide, The Wedding Is Off, and Denver’s Slipknot tribute band, Sulfur.

The 10th annual ZombieFest was held on Saturday, October 26th 2019 from 6pm-2am at the Rusty Shovel in Durango (Durango Harley Davidson) 760 S. Camino Del Rio, Durango C.O. 81301.

The concert was free and open to all ages. Aside from the live music there is also a costume contest. Sponsors included XRock 105.3 FM, The Rusty Shovel Saloon, Creative Color Solutions, The Greenery, Durango Harley Davidson, and Headhunter Tattoo.