Lyric Videos

Check out the debut single of  GDP's Til It Fades. Made with a catchy but simple video template.Check out the debut single of  In Our Dying Hour's's "Unchecked Aggression". Made with a similar video template. 


One promotional flyer intended for mass printing on a budget.Comes in A4 or letter-sizedTurn around of 2-5 days (expedited options available.)Black and WhiteTurn around: 2 daysIntended for mass printing on a budgetFull ColorMeant for high-resolution posters

“The Map Without Roads” by Ruben Baca

A a physical copy of Ruben Baca's first chapbook, it features work from 2008-2011 about my adolescence in Amarillo. 20 poems, a short story (Pit of a Peach), and the first 1/4th of Ruben's epic poem, Dérive. Dérive: Dawn explores the adventures of Baca's drug use in Amarillo symbolically represented as one day.E-Book available here [...]