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We offer a range of services to help artists build their brand, push their content, and take their career to the next level. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We can explain what services are right for you and tell you more about our fees. and how to receive sponsorship. Get in touch below.

We offer rates for purchasing products/services in bulk and deals when buying more than one. Fill out the form on the bottom for more information on the products and services you are most interested in.

We offer

Lyric Videos

This Is GDP’s (Roswell, NM) lyric video for Til It Fades. This video was made within 48 hours which is the typical turn around. Each Simple Lyric Video will include and image in the back ground (band logo, album artwork, concert photo) with the lyrics being streamed over it. Check out our Lyric Videos here.


We create crowd stoping flyers in Photoshop CS5 with wildly fast turn around and 2 renditions to ensure that your exact vision is delivered. If you’re on a budget we can create a simp flyer with plain logos or specialized font for mass posting around town.

Tour Routing

Expanding your fanbase to larger markets is the best way to reach new fans. Hit the road and meet new people. Don’t wanna drive 2 hours a day and play 14 nights in a row, that’s fine! We can book multiple small runs at once or even fill in the gap for a tour of yours. Price may increase due to proximity of deadline, combination of services, and promotional content of the artists.


With 1.5k fans om Facebook, 5.5k on Instagram, 1.4k on Twitter, and hundreds of connections to publicists, radio stations, bands, fans, and promoters. We can get your latest content seen and heard.


Essential for sending your offers to promoters and venues, an EPK is exactly what you need once you’re ready to play gigs. A lengthy bio, unorganized social media links, and incomplete info is the easiest way to get turned down for a show. Let us make one for you.


Do you need a promotional shoot for you upcoming release? Perhaps you want live shots at your next festival appearance or tour. We got your back. Check out our Photography page for a complete portfolio of our live concert photography.

Event Production

Do you need booked in Durango? Maybe you need live sou nd or possibly a door person. We can help! We can help you pack the house and stream your concert live online on EVERY social media account you have. Email for your quote. Discounts for non-profit organizations available.

Stream Videos

A dynamic yet quick to buffer stream video is the best way to get your music on youtube, with out worrying about a music/lyric video.
We have pricing plans available for different qualities and bulk rates.

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