Culture Issue #4

Necro Magazine's fourth and final issue of 2020 can be viewed below. Initially the issue was intended to encompass Tradition as a theme. However after much thought I realized not all cultures were traditional yet all traditions are cultural in someway. The audiobook will soon be online as well. Stay tuned. Submissions for Feminism, Issue [...]

Youth (Issue #2)

“Youth” (Issue #2) was published on July 17th and features over 90 pages of poetry, photography, short stories, micro-poetry, and prose. Contributors include Joan McNerney, Claire Loader, Frederick Pangbourne, ST Brant, Jessica Drake-Thomas, Matthew Daley, Niles Reddick, Sarra Culleno, ST Brant, Shannon Elizabeth Gardner, Steve Carr, Wayne Russel, Jack Campbell, Saharsh Satheesh, Richard LaDue, Charles [...]