Youth (Issue #2)

Cover for Issue 2 Youth Necro Magazine

“Youth” (Issue #2) was published on July 17th and features over 90 pages of poetry, photography, short stories, micro-poetry, and prose. Contributors include Joan McNerney, Claire Loader, Frederick Pangbourne, ST Brant, Jessica Drake-Thomas, Matthew Daley, Niles Reddick, Sarra Culleno, ST Brant, Shannon Elizabeth Gardner, Steve Carr, Wayne Russel, Jack Campbell, Saharsh Satheesh, Richard LaDue, Charles Rammelkamp, Kurt Newton, Linda Imbler, David Capuano, Ruben Baca, Giovanni Stefano Mangiante Palomino, Saharsh Satheesh, and Richard Henkle.

Contributors hail from all over the world and all walks of life. Submissions for Issue 3, Justice, are now open. The submission period for Justice will end on the 2nd of October. Submissions guidelines are here. With a 2 week interim, Justice will be published on the 15th of October. There is no cost to submit.

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